Happy Halloween!

Cooper was diagnosed at the end of January, and on my first post-diagnosis outing I was walking down Queen Anne Avenue, our local business district, completely overwhelmed and emotional.  Valentine’s Day candy and treats were everywhere in the stores, and every store I passed seemed to be taunting me with sugar and carb overdoses of every variety:  cupcakes, ice cream, doughnuts, pastries, smoothies, etc, etc.  I was seriously distraught, and didn’t know how we would be able to ever leave the house again.  I felt terrible that my little boy was being robbed of all the sweet pleasures of childhood.

Fast forward a few months, and today we breezed through Halloween, the junkiest sugar fest of them all!

My attitude has changed and I no longer feel like there is anything to miss out on by cutting down on empty calories. We were always pretty healthy eaters, but I’ve become so much more aware of what we eat.  I have no problem saying no, or saving a treat for a more appropriate time.  At the same time, on special occasions I make exceptions so a kid can be a kid.  Cooper had his classroom party this afternoon and Wayne was there, ready to count and bolus for whatever the spread may be.  He watched in awe as Cooper went up to the snack table and helped himself to a plate of veggies because he knew they were healthy and low carb.  Amazing!  Huge props to the teacher for having a party with only one mini cupcake treat and the rest normal healthy snacks – I have been in class parties that were out of control sugar-wise, and this was such a nice change.  And even though Wayne was available to give him a shot, Cooper ended up having a sugar free jello and packing his cupcake to go, which is what he usually does with class parties and birthdays.

For the rest of Halloween?  He for sure had more treats than usual, but it was still relatively tame.  After school snack was the cupcake with a few candy corn, along with pear and cheese.  We stayed away from pizza, which is our usual halloween night dinner, and had brown rice and chicken instead.  I allowed for an extra 15 carbs with his dinner shot, knowing that he would want to eat some candy right away, so he munched on a pack of skittles while we trick-or-treated.  Then the focus was on having fun and there was no more candy grazing until we got home.  Had some junior mints and animal crackers before bed with an extra shot.

I don’t know what I would have done differently without diabetes… probably there would have been more candy grazing, but pretty much things haven’t changed too much.  We will have a piece with meals for awhile, and stash away some of the sugary stuff for lows.  Trade a bunch to the “switch witch” for a small toy.  We just enjoyed the day – candy and all – and it felt great not to have it be a big deal or cause for panic.  Diabetes is taking more of a back seat in our lives – it’s always along for the ride of course, but I’m hoping it stays back there and keeps quiet.  Maybe I can buy it an ipod and some headphones to stay busy… meanwhile we keep trying to enjoy everything else going on around here!


Seattle parents night out – come one come all!

Time again for a night out and you are invited!  Look at me – can you tell how bad I need a night out?  Is it too much to ask for a simple glass of wine sans syringe?

Please join us for what we hope will continue to be a monthly get together for parents of young children with diabetes in Central Seattle.
When: Thursday July 18th 7-9pm
Where: The Elysian Brewery on Pike Street in Capitol Hill
How to find us: Look for the table with a syringe in a cup!

This is an informal gathering for parents only to hang out, share resources, support one another and relax!
We had a great time last month, we hope you are able to join us! Please let us know if you plan on joining us so we can reserve an appropriate sized table! amy_laybourn(at)yahoo(dot)com

Breakfast Brouhaha

Okay folks – breakfast is suddenly jumping up out of bed and kicking our asses.  Help, please!

For the last 6 months Cooper has been honeymooning, but it appears the holiday is ending.  No more leisurely days of romantic bliss, it’s time for hurling insults and hitting below the belt.  Why didn’t we get a pre-nup?

So, we have long been giving a typical breakfast bolus of 0.5 units which would cover for our standard little bowl of cereal or egg on toast (about 25-30 carbs).  Suddenly he seems to be skyrocketing into the high 300s after breakfast and not coming back down.  Today I gave a 1 unit correction a couple hours after breakfast when it was clear he wasn’t going to be coming down on his own or from the 0.5 unit breakfast dose.  It worked, but this means I had to give TRIPLE his normal amount (total of 1.5 units where 0.5 should have been good).  For the rest of the day he seemed to hold pretty steady with the 1:50 insulin:carb ratio.  Yesterday was a similar story.

Is this insane or can breakfast be really crazy like this? Is your breakfast ratio different from the rest of the day?  If you have any advice, please share!

Home Remedy for a High

Yesterday things got out of hand.  Blood sugars have been a mess since camp last week, and then being on vacation for a wedding over the weekend made things worse.  Either Cooper’s honeymoon is winding down, or else he is just readjusting after all this craziness.  Whatever the reason, his body is not responding as usual.  In the afternoon he was 119 and I gave him a 10 carb snack which usually has no effect.  An hour later at dinner he was 223.  OK, not the best, but took it in stride, gave dinner bolus with a bit of correction.  For some reason the injection didn’t seem “right” – the plunger went in too easy.  I thought it might have been empty, and tried to sniff it but couldn’t tell.  I didn’t want to give a double bolus, so had no choice but to wait and see.  1.5 hours later it’s time for dessert – we are at a friends house and all the kids are having ice cream cones.  BG is 331 – oh no!  Still I’m not sure what happened, because we have been battling strange evening highs all week, and I’m not sure if it’s related to that.  We ride bikes home after lots of “no dessert right now tears” and I’m hoping that will bring things down a little.  No such luck – 40 minutes later he is 455.  Our highest ever since diagnosis.  So I’m pretty sure he got an air shot  – lovely!

What to do?  I gave his dinner bolus and Wayne started up the “home remedy” – Just Dance 2 on the Wii with lots of water.  45 minutes of crazy dancing later he was 162 – phew!

Hope the kids don’t hate me for putting their butts online!  I’ll write more about camp later – it was great.

Seattle peeps meet-up!

Jen (of I am Your Pancreas fame) and I decided to host a get together for D-parents.  Come one, come all – moms and dads are both welcome of course!

Please join us on Wednesday July 20th from 7-9pm at The Elysian Brewery in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Both Mama’s AND Papa’s are welcome. Look for the table with the syringe and that is where you will find us.

You can RSVP to me (amy_laybournATyahooDOTcom) so I know to look out for you.  If you can’t make it this time, we hope to have this be a semi-regular thing.

No Bummer Summer

Now that Cooper is going into K, he is finally old enough for all kinds of fun summer day camps.  For 3 years he has been helping me drop off Lucy at camp and waiting his turn.  But outside of diabetes camps, which are sleepaway camps for older kids, there isn’t anywhere I would have felt comfortable dropping him off this year.  At the same time, I really didn’t want him to miss out on the fun and have a bummer summer.  So……(drum roll, please!)……

….. I’m a volunteer camp counselor!  You can call me “Zig Zag” – that’s my camp name that I’m going by this week.

We are at a daycamp with CampFire USA which meets at beautiful Carkeek park in North Seattle.  I have been assigned as a counselor for a group of girl Kindergarteners, and Cooper’s group meets right next to mine so it is pretty easy today to keep an eye on him.  There is a full time nurse on site (“Patches”) and he is visiting her either with me or one of his counselors for blood sugar checks, and I’m there at lunch to give the insulin and make sure he gets the right amount of food.

Today was day 1, and so far so good.  I wasn’t sure how much the excitement and activity would drop his blood sugars, so the plan was to run him a bit high.  In the afternoon he was 72 though, and had to miss out on his group’s hike to chill out and have some juice.  He wasn’t too disappointed and he just joined my group for a while.  Tomorrow we will try to plan ahead a little better and check him further in advance of activities so he doesn’t have to miss out.

For some reason I thought there would be a lot of parent volunteers at camp – probably thinking about our elementary school where tons of parents volunteer.  So I was surprised to show up at training (yes, there were 2 sessions of training) and realize it’s pretty much all teenagers!  And lots of junior counselors who are about 13 or 14, like my group’s junior staff “Kit Kat” and “Sprite”.   So I’m feeling pretty old, but it’s entertaining.  These girls have been going to camp for years, so they are taking the lead with all the songs, games and activities which is awesome, because I would be at a loss otherwise.  Thankfully Cooper’s counselor is a very responsible college grad who did a great job communicating with me today.

It’s going to be an interesting exhausting week, I can tell that for sure.  Just getting up early and getting snacks and lunch packed for the 3 of us was like preparing for war.  I need to be there an hour early, so we are at camp all day from 8:30 – 4.  Tomorrow we get to do tye dye and make hand cranked ice cream.  Who know how many carbs will be in that one? Fun fun fun!

I am also volunteering at another camp with Girl Scouts at the end of the month – they have a special group for preschoolers and boys of volunteers.  So we are going to be busy and hopefully it turns out to be a good idea.  Stay tuned to find out if this is an idea I recommend for other D-moms, or a real Parent Trap!

Free Snack Favorites: The Roll Up

I’m not even sure if you can call this a “recipe”, but Cooper loves these and has it almost daily.  I’ve found it to be a great food to pack with him for school or a playdate if I won’t be there to give insulin.  I know it’s going to be really low impact on his blood sugar, yet filling.

Salami Roll Ups
1. Gather these ingredients:  Low carb tortillas, laughing cow cheese (or cream cheese), and salami

2. Spread the cheese on a tortilla and put a few slices of salami on top.

3.  Roll the sucker up.

4.  Slice, slice, baby…

5.  Usually that’s it!  For artistic purposes,  I got fancy here and stuck a few on some toothpicks with cherry tomatoes to make kabobs.

If we’re going really low carb, the side dish might be veggies like this.  Cooper actually loves to eat raw veggies – thank my lucky stars for that!

With the brand shown (I buy them at Trader Joe’s), one tortilla has 4 net carbs, salami has none, and laughing cow has 1 carb per little wedgie – so it’s about 5 carbs total – with the veggies as shown I think it’s probably still less than 10.  If I was packing a whole low carb lunch I would probably add in a cheese stick and some almonds.  Enjoy!